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줄기세포(적용 질환)

줄기세포 성기능

An erectile dysfunction is a condition that lasts for more than three months without erection or maintenance as long as a normal sex life is possible. As the blood vessels become narrow and weak due to aging, the erection ability can be reduced naturally as the age increases, which is a relatively common symptom from the
30s when the body's function begins to deteriorate. Repeated impotence can lead to a vicious cycle of heart failure (psychological and psychological factors) due to fear of sexual life, and should be treated in a hurry.

A middle-aged man with a heavy head for drinking and smoking. Stem Cell Improvements in Functions

Young men appeal for erectile dysfunction.stem cell therapy 'help'

Good news for the guy with the head down.erectile dysfunction, treated with stem cells

Blood flow is clear and unobstructed, and there is a
sufficient amount of blood to maintain erection
and erection

Blood vessels narrow and lose momentum, so there is
not enough blood for erection and it is difficult
to maintain

Concerns about adverse
effects from surgical

operations and surgery

Concerns about rejection of

prosthetic prostheses

concern of secondary diseases caused

by continuous drug use

Common impotence solutions are performed by surgical procedures,
such as prosthetics, to improve functions, and by taking drugs whenever
necessary, but often by chronic conditions such as surgery anxiety and
diabetes, the treatment and 'male' are abandoned.

The key to erectile dysfunction therapy is the

recovery of aging blood vessels!

The main causes of impotence range from circulation disorders caused by vascular diseases to nerve damage and hormonal problems, which in turn limit the amount of blood directed to the penis, causing a condition that is normally impotent. The reasons for limiting blood vessel function vary from aging to hormones, requiring integrated treatment, and stem cell therapy for improved function is gaining traction through the regeneration of vascular tissue cells.

a narrowing of blood vessels and
a deterioration of elasticity

No blood supply
for erection

Vessel regeneration and reinforcement
through stem cells

vascular function improvement
self-confidence recovery

Only the ANTI-AGING therapy for male functional recovery is
designed to improve not only the functioning of the blood vessels,
but also the overall male function. As an antioxidant treatment, I regain my lost
confidence through stem cell therapy, which secures various growth factors to restore
male function, contributes to tissue regeneration and blood vessel production,
and an integrated treatment program to enhance male hormone secretion,
which decreases with age.


There is no risk of surgical side effects by injecting stem cells into veins or sponges, rather than inserting
prostheses or other artifacts through surgical operations.

causative treatment

his is not a treatment aimed at making temporary improvements through continuous medication, but rather at coping with the aging of
tissue cells that affect blood vessels and other male functions.


It is a treatment with stem cells that can be differentiated by any cell, not only to improve sexual function, but also to
improve overall health as a comprehensive precaution against hair loss and degenerative diseases.

The answer to the incurable disease is given.

SHIN WOO / MEDISTEM stem cell Clinic

01. A hospital competing with a world-class hospital.

Since the treatment of a disease is done by the hands of a person, the results of a more mature treatment may vary depending on the clinical experience of the physician, patient condition, drug combination, and dose. We operate a clean room for more safe management and medical equipment that is comparable to the world's stem cell hospitals, and we perform advanced medical technology through 30 years of unique medical care.

02. Treats with cells that exist in my body.

It's not the cells of others that have ethical and moral problems. It's treated with 100 percent of its own cells from blood, bone marrow, and fat.

03. Treatment through a proven method of stability

The medical treatment is carried out through the Korea Food and Drug Administration, the Health and Welfare Ministry's notification of safety and effectiveness, and the method approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

04. Providing an Integrated Process for Health Recovery

It has integrated processes from medication for disease treatment, physical function loss due to various diseases to rehabilitation therapy for function recovery, and stem cell therapy for inducing tissue cell regeneration.

Our key challenge is patient safety.

Stem cells separated from blood, bone marrow and fat are not allowed to infect any virus or bacteria as they travel through homing effect to the damaged tissue area and divide to promote and replace the regeneration of tissue cells. SHIN WOO / MEDISTEM CLINIC operates a cran room below 10,000 CLASS required in the semiconductor process to manage safety in a more complete manner. It does not incubate and operate cells, so it is free from genetic mutation and provides safer treatment.

From counseling to cell extraction and procedure. ONE-STOP SYSTEM

Through the unique Bio-Medi One-stop system of the SHIN WOO / MEDISTEM Cell Clinic, you can receive relatively simple procedures ranging from professional counseling and diagnosis to cell collection and treatment for about 30 minutes.

Intravenous or subcutaneous fat administration, not high-risk surgery

This procedure is performed through intravenous or subcutaneous fat administration rather than surgery requiring incision and full body or sleep anesthesia, and can also be applied to patients who have given up treatment due to chronic diseases such as advanced age, diabetes and high blood pressure.

An integrated multi-Doctor’s care system for only one person

Through a multi-disciplinary analysis of two medical professionals with extensive clinical experience of 30 years, Neurological Surgeons and Rehabilitation Medicine Specialists provide a thorough diagnosis, from neurological disease treatment systems to personal rehabilitation programs to next-generation medical technology stem cell treatments.

Differentiated cell separation technique

Because each tissue has different biological and biochemical characteristics, different tissues need different technology, incubation, and growth factors to isolate the cells more efficiently. We have our own technology for efficient separation according to the characteristics of each organization.

Personalized for increased efficiency of tissue efficiency

Research has confirmed that stem cells affect tissue specific cell activity that is being implanted in different tissues in addition to replacing tissue cells, and based on this, the damaged tissues are self-healing and applying their own 1:1 tailored therapy to maintain their own improvement.

the core overwhelming cell differentiation rate of stem cell therapy

In addition to safety and efficacy in clinical applications of stem cells, the most important thing is the rate of differentiation to the target (damaged cell). The independent method of cell differentiation developed by the main body recorded a differentiation rate of 98.8+1.5% into the neuro-bulb cells.

Global leading team of stem cell therapists

Stem cell therapy is a high-density procedure, and results may vary depending on the clinical experience of the physician. We have selected 100 leading stem cell therapists in Korea through Ahn Gye-hoon(M.D.,Ph.D), a medical doctor and Kim Jae-young, director of the Korea Stem Cell Treatment Association, and new regenerative medicine.

Famous korea nominal Medical Doctor(stem cell part)
Director of the Korean Society for Stem Cell Treatment
Subdivision cooperative system

Differentiated treatment protocols from SHIN WOO / MEDISTEM stem cell Clinic!

The answer to the treatment of incurable diseases, known as impossible, which is known to be impossible I have established treatment protocols to respond to various diseases and provide differentiated medical services based on scientific clinical evidence and clinical expertise.



Precision analysis


Cell extraction


Stem cell administration


Post-dose management


regular management

01. Counseling
Consult until you have a good understanding of the purpose, safety, and risk of stem cell treatment.
02. Precision analysis
Through professional history listening and neurological examinations, we thoroughly analyze disease diagnosis and overall health conditions, and thoroughly diagnose the merger of other diseases through full body scanning.
03. Cell extraction
Through safety-proven methods such as extraction kits developed by Harvard University Research Center in the U.S., cells needed for cell regeneration are extracted and enriched.
04. Stem cell administration
Stem cells are administered to fatty tissue between the skin and the skin's skin.Local injection and local administration are carried out according to the patient condition and symptoms.
05. Post-dose management
Diagnose physical changes caused by stem cell procedure and can be returned home
06. Regular management
Post-dose care and support are performed after administration, regular checkups are performed at intervals of one month, three months, six months, and one year, and screening for anti-aging (anti-aging) screening and disease assessment are conducted at the same
01 What is stem cell?

It has the potential to differentiate into any cell, but it's now in the spotlight as a new regenerative medicine that treats diseases that are not curable in a general way, as it can be reproduced into cells like seeds that are not determined by which cell

02 Is there any side effect to the stem cell procedure?

It has the potential to differentiate into any cell, but it's now in the spotlight as a new regenerative medicine that treats diseases that are not curable in a general way, as it can be reproduced into cells like seeds that are not determined by which cell

03 Can stem cells cure all diseases?

fractionize into all the cells can be as universal as it has the potential that clinical treatment at the scene, but the actual reaction is considered to be different. A good prognosis in the treatment of a bottle, there is not a disease as an incurable disease emerging as a solution, but a universal view .It's difficult.

04 How long does the stem cell procedure take?

The ONE-STOP Operation system takes approximately 30 minutes from cell separation to stem cell extraction to procedure.No admission is necessary

05 Can I get health insurance?

As of yet, the nation's health insurance is not eligible for the treatment of stem cells.

06 When will the treatment result be available?

On average, they respond to treatment for less than a week, but they may vary in duration. It takes about six months to complete the effect over a period of about a month to two months, but it also takes about six months in a stubborn hospital.

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