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  • stem cellWhat is stem cell?

    It has the potential to differentiate into any cell, but it's now in the spotlight as a new regenerative medicine that treats diseases that are not curable in a general way, as it can be reproduced into cells like seeds that are not determined by which cell

  • stem cellIs there any side effect to the stem cell procedure?

    The pain and irritation around the injection site can be felt as much as the vein is injected, but the likelihood of an immune response is very low as the cells present in the patient's own body, and there are very few reported adverse effects in the worldwide active stem cell treatments.

  • stem cellCan stem cells cure all diseases?

    fractionize into all the cells can be as universal as it has the potential that clinical treatment at the scene, but the actual reaction is considered to be different. A good prognosis in the treatment of a bottle, there is not a disease as an incurable disease emerging as a solution, but a universal view .It's difficult.

  • stem cellHow long does the stem cell procedure take?

    The ONE-STOP Operation system takes approximately 30 minutes from cell separation to stem cell extraction to procedure.No admission is necessary

  • stem cellCan I get health insurance?

    As of yet, the nation's health insurance is not eligible for the treatment of stem cells.

  • stem cellWhen will the treatment result be available?

    On average, they respond to treatment for less than a week, but they may vary in duration. It takes about six months to complete the effect over a period of about a month to two months, but it also takes about six months in a stubborn hospital.

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