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Doing the best doesn't give you the best results, but the best results come only when you have the best medical effort. As a result of my best efforts, 30 years have passed.

In the past 30 years, we have made great efforts to treat patients suffering from diseases rather than pursuing their immediate interests. Modern medicine has made great strides, but it has not been fully conquered by Parkinson's disease, dementia and autoimmune diseases. People suffering from intractable and degenerative diseases live every day in pain

Stem cell procedures, which are emerging as a solution to these diseases, are already undergoing long-term research and clinical applications in advanced medical countries such as the United States.

Based on 30 years of medical and scientific clinical evidence, we are committed to leading the way to a healthy future for your diagnosis.

Health is not a long time memory. SHIN WOO / MEDISTEM Stem Cell Clinic will be with you to leave the pain of the present as a memory of the past.

Thank you and God bless you.

Chief President Medical Dr.: Gye Hoon Ahn M.D.,Ph.D/ Jae young Kim M/D.
research and academic activities on stem cells

Director of the Korean Society for Stem Cell Treatment, Medical staff who continue to study stem cell centers at home and abroad through advisory activities

through a number of M.A. and Ph.D. advisory researchers.
differentiated technical skills

Robust research through neurosurgery, rehabilitation medicine, and a number of master and Ph.D. researchers, providing differentiated medical services through the establishment of INFRA


Hospital that answer to incurable diseases
And leading hospital in regenerative medicine

We don't practice treatment with commercially available drugs.
Our hospital that contributes to the development of stem cell therapy.


Hospital that practices personalized care.

For optimal treatment performance, personal genetics and molecular properties are used to achieve customized treatment through prediction of sensitivity or treatment response to specific drugs.


We dreamed every night.
Hospital that realizes your hope

Health is not the glory of the past.
Your hope, will be realized.

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