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줄기세포(적용 질환)

항암 면역 세포 치료

Modern medicine has made rapid progress, but cancer, the number one cause of death
in the Republic of Korea, has steadily increased since 1999.

If surgical operation, which is a fundamental treatment for tumors, is not
completely eliminated, if radiation and chemotherapy are not responded to, or if surgery
is impossible due to old age, the possibility of survival is reduced, the treatment of
anti-cancer immune cells is gaining popularity.

Our body's immune system is a defense against external invasions of viruses, germs, etc., and even healthy people
have an average of 4,000 to 5,000 new cancer cells a day, but there's no cancer, because immune cells kill them every day.

These immune systems are used to extract and remove immune cells from cancer cells and to encourage more active
immune activity to kill cancer cells by feeding them back into the body. These days, integrated treatments are called
anti-cancer immunotherapy, and recently, U.S. cancer hospitals are also receiving spotlight for various
treatments such as immunotherapy and oxygen therapy.

Psychosynal alpha1, cancer patients with increased immunity are immune substances.

Announcement of the usefulness of cancer treatment at the International Society of Individual Medicine in Japan

It's better to control the cells that interfere with the treatment of cancer

We take about 20 ml of blood from a cancer patient, and we isolate the immune cells that are present in the blood.

Blood removed from immune cells to selectively about the cancer cells through a special process to respond to enhance immune function and increase the number.

Immunization enhancement and injection of activated immune cells into the patient to respond to cancer cells.


detoxification, excretion of waste matter

It improves systemic functions through systemic detoxification and waste, from blood supplying nutrients and oxygen to blood vessels to organs that absorb nutrients through food,
to lymph, which serves as a medium for carrying nutrients through the digestive tract.


high-concentration vitamin therapy

Protecting the human body cells by removing free radicals that occurred in the body synthetic collagen and help and healing to the various functions and organizational formation
on the composition of the neurotransmitter.To insert a high density compared to the amount of vitamin C, which typically use to engage and help to improve immune function, cancer
recurrence, cancer cells.


mistletoe therapy

It is found by Dr. Rudolf Steiner of Germany and is used in the treatment of tumors in more than
500 European hospitals to help build up cancer cells and immune systems.


Zadaxin therapy

It helps suppress cancer cell proliferation, boost immune function, and helps immune control
through the Zardocin, which is designated as a rare U.S. FDA drug.


Kitruda (anti-PD-1 immuno-cancer drug)

U.S. FDA approval of non-small cell lung cancer treatment, EU Commission's Duplex and Cervical
Cancer Adaptation Added to T-cell specific receptors, PD-1 to help immune cells inhibit cancer cells.


N.K. Cell Treatment

It helps to respond to cancer cells by proliferating and activating NK cells, which prevent cancer
and other diseases by attacking cancer cells and abnormal cells.


pain treatment

Drug treatment, neurological treatment, and rehabilitation therapy are also performed through a
30-year-old neurologist and a rehabilitation specialist as a way to improve extreme pain caused
by cancer pain and side effects from anti-cancer treatment.

treatment through self-cellular cells

It's a way to take immune cells from your own blood and
grow them to respond to cancer cells, so there's no risk of transplant
rejection or allergic reaction.

Eliminate residual cancer after surgical operation

Malignant tumors have a powerful replication force that, even with
surgical operations, they can still be microscopic and recur or spread,
so they selectively destroy cancer cells so that they don't develop

Possible with other anti-cancer treatments

Because it's not about destroying cells through drugs, it's about
strengthening your own immune cells, it's possible for you to treat
diseases like alcohol, chemical anti-cancer drugs, radiation therapy, etc.

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