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줄기세포(적용 질환)


There are about 60 trillion cells in the human body that make up the brain, bones, and muscles. All cells are damaged by ageing extinction and trauma.
Some cells, such as brain cells, need to be replaced by new cells, and some cells need to be self-replicated. It can be impossible and cause incurable diseases.
Stem cells are cells that have the potential to produce various tissue cells.

to differentiate into nonrenewable cells and replace them or regenerate them. Induction is called stem cell therapy, and it's impossible to treat.
It's emerging as a solution to incurable diseases.

Stem cells have the potential to differentiate into any cell, so they extract the cells that exist in our body's bone marrow, fat, blood, umblical cord blood, and so on to replace the extinct, damaged cells.

Cells extracted from the body will be isolated and enriched to produce higher efficiency.

In a series of procedures, stem cell therapy is performed strategically and reliably, and stem cells injected into the body are repeatedly divided, differentiated, and then produced cells of the same type as damaged cells such as nerve cells and heart cells.

stem cell
Embryonic Stem Cells: After eggs and sperm are combined into fertilized eggs, ethical problems arise that have the ability to differentiate into cells in all tissues but use cells from other people as cells extracted from the embryonic process.
Adult Mesenchymal
stem cell(MSC)
Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells(MSC): Cells that die from external shock or aging must produce new cells to carry on their function. It's the adult stem cells that supply these cells that are distributed in many parts of our body, in bone marrow, in fat. For example, adult stem cells in the skin can be divided into nerve cells, muscle cells, and fat cells, and they are free from ethical and moral problems as they use their own cells, not other cells.
Artificial multi-functional
stem cell(iPS)
The artificial multifunctional stem cell (iPS cell) is called retro-differentiated stem cells that reverse-differentiate and return to stem cells, such as skin cells, which are produced by four genes, Oct. 4, Sox2, Klf4, and c-Myc.

Q.Stem cells can cure all diseases?

Stem cells have a medical theory that they can be differentiated into any cell, so they have been known as an alternative to any disease that can occur in humans, but the actual response to treatment at the site is hardly universal, and there are some diseases that are difficult to treat with conventional treatment that are not.

Q.Stem cell therapy is a long lengthy procedure?

Although there is still a rumor that stem cell therapy is done through complicated processes as it is a highly skilled treatment, SHIN WOO / MEDISTEM's unique Bio-Medi One-stop system allows patients to receive relatively simple procedures that take less than 30 minutes from professional counseling to cell collection and procedure.No admission is necessary

Treatment Ideology of SHIN WOO / MEDISTEM stem cell Clinic

Through adult stem cells, which are free from controversy over safety,
such as ethical problems and cancer-causing problems caused by the use of other cells,
we provide answers to incurable diseases through differentiated advanced medical technologies.


No side effects found during treatment since 1960 If you're transplanting a bone marrow cell or a mesenchymal stem cell, it's assimilated into the right tissue and differentiates itself, and there's no ethical problem in using your own cells.


When adult stem cells are transplanted into the body, they differentiate and create the cells they need immediately, while creating the same stem cells as their own in a state of undifferentiated self-replication process is called the self-replicating process, and the stem cells can be stored to replenish them even after they are depleted. It is reported that once transplanted stem cells are decades old.

Differentiation latent powers

One indivisible stem cell has the potential to differentiate into cells in various organs.

01. Overwhelming differentiation of stem cells

In addition to safety and efficacy in clinical applications of stem cells, the most important thing is the rate of differentiation into target tissues (damaged cells). The independent method of cell differentiation developed by the main body recorded a differentiation rate of 98.8+1.5% into the neuro-bulb cells.

02. Differentiated cell separation technology

Because each tissue has different biological and biochemical characteristics, different tissues need different technology, incubation, and growth factors to isolate the cells more efficiently. We have our own separate technology for efficient separation according to the characteristics of each organization.

03. Customized application to increase organizational regeneration efficiency

Research has found that stem cells affect tissue specific cell activity that is inherent in each tissue, in addition to replacing tissue cells, and based on this, the damaged tissue is self-healing and self-healing and self-healing is being applied with one-to-one tailored therapy.

Anti-aging & anti-oxidant hormone change

age Disease testosterone(241 ~ 827 ng/dl) IGF-1 DHEA-S(80 ~ 560㎕/dl)
신** 76 spinal cord injury 281 → 557 123 → 151 82 → 68
기** 69 myocardial infarction 352 → 533 136 → 166 84 → 127
윤** 32 an improvement in health 395 → 535 184 → 208 270 → 305
백** 71 neurodegenerative disease 166 → 245 180 → 194 114 → 277
엄** 82 cerebral infarction 205 → 494 226 → 143 53 → 76

◆ Male hormone(Testosterone): increased ribbons, reduced risk of heart disease, and prevention of osteoporosis.
◆ Growth hormone (IFG-1): Re-growth of life-related organs, rapid recovery of wounds, young, hard and thick skin, re-growth of hair.
◆ Steroid hormones (DHEA-S): Reducing risk of heart disease, reducing stress, and alleviating menopause symptoms.

anti-aging body function change

  • Man 60 years old(Doctor of the head office who is president) / Severe forgetfulness and chronic fatigue, depression, sexual dysfunction, multiple fibrous muscle pain
  • 60CC blood/bone marrow 60CC extraction, self stem cell extraction through EBEECELL KIT
  • No fatigue for several weeks after treatment, reduced depression and insomnia, improved sexual function and loss of joint fibrosis.
  • I feel like I've got a clear head, and I have a better memory.
  • Blood test (measuring blood level as shown in the table below)

pg/ml before treatment 1 day later 4 day later 1 week later 2 week later 4 week later
Blood VEGF 50 69 96 105 114 66

◆ angiogenesis promoter (VEGF): glycoprotein that acts uniquely on endothelial cells to promote cell proliferation or angiogenesis.

stem cell-nano drug-binding lung cancer treatment

"Stem cell transplantation is the second-ever AIDS cure for AIDS."

"Tens of thousands of 'mini-liver' produced at a time with human 'multipurpose stem cells'"

Our key challenge
is patient safety.

Since stem cell procedure is a highly advanced procedure and all infections caused by viruses and germs cannot be allowed during separation and storage process, the company operates a clean room with no more than below 10,000 CLASS (no bacteria at measurement) required in the semiconductor process to focus on more complete hygiene and safety management, and provides safer treatment based on this process.

01 What is stem cell?

It has the potential to differentiate into any cell, but it's now in the spotlight as a new regenerative medicine that treats diseases that are not curable in a general way, as it can be reproduced into cells like seeds that are not determined by which cell

02 Is there any side effect to the stem cell procedure?

It has the potential to differentiate into any cell, but it's now in the spotlight as a new regenerative medicine that treats diseases that are not curable in a general way, as it can be reproduced into cells like seeds that are not determined by which cell

03 Can stem cells cure all diseases?

fractionize into all the cells can be as universal as it has the potential that clinical treatment at the scene, but the actual reaction is considered to be different. A good prognosis in the treatment of a bottle, there is not a disease as an incurable disease emerging as a solution, but a universal view .It's difficult.

04 How long does the stem cell procedure take?

The ONE-STOP Operation system takes approximately 30 minutes from cell separation to stem cell extraction to procedure.No admission is necessary

05 Can I get health insurance?

As of yet, the nation's health insurance is not eligible for the treatment of stem cells.

06 When will the treatment result be available?

On average, they respond to treatment for less than a week, but they may vary in duration. It takes about six months to complete the effect over a period of about a month to two months, but it also takes about six months in a stubborn hospital.

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